Violin Jazz Improvisation


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Violin Jazz improvisation workshop by Kristina Van de Sand

30 November/18 January

A two hours workshop

Where we will learn the first steps to jazz improvisation

We will train scales, jazz phrasing, typical bowing patterns, ear training and with the help of each member of the group, we’ll do our first steps to jazz improvisation

Here you are right if you

-Play violin for at least one year

-Can play scales with few accidentals (f. e. / C major / G major / D Major / F major)

- Can already play simple pieces on the violin

Knowledge of sheet reading is helpful, but not necessary

ONE DATE 30 euros

TWO DATES 50 euros

Not necessary to attend first date to attend to second one.


914 081 760

Kristina Van de Sand

Kristina is a Violin teacher who trained in Music Education and Applied Cultural Sciences in Germany. Her pedagogical concept is modern and holistic, aiming for a joyful approach to the music and her beloved instrument - violin. 

Teaching experiences:

-Freelance violin and viola since 2002

-Early musical instructor within the project "Zukunftsmusiker"since 2018

-2016 masterclass for string quartet at Kunstuniversität Graz

-Violin teacher at Streicherakademie Hannover(2014)

-Music teacher at secondary school in Hildesheim(2007/08)


-Certificate as early musical instructor

Advanced training for professional musicians, organized by the state association of music schools 2015-2017

-Diploma in music education JAZZ/ROCK/POP VIOLIN

HMTM Hannover 2008-2010 grade 1,6

-Diploma in applied cultural sciences

University Hildesheim, 2001-2008, grade 1,2

-Erasmus at ESMAE Porto, Jazz Violin

Winter semester 2005/2006

-Abitur certificate

Graduation certificate from secondary school 1989-1998, grade 1,7

Language of instruction:

Pt - Eng - Span - De

Pt - Eng - Span - De. 


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