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  1. Gibson ES-150 roubada no Algarve

    Thanks, guys. I'll try to do as much as I can of what you suggested. It's a bit of a challenge because I'm in California, but luckily, the Internet is our friend...
  2. Gibson ES-150 roubada no Algarve

    Dear Musicians - Pro favor desculpem-me por escrever em Inglês. Não escrevo bem em Português. Last week, my dad's house in the Algarve was broken into and, among other things, his 65+ year-old Gibson ES-150 was stolen. We're still trying to find a record of the serial number, but it must have been a 1952 or 1953 model. He bought it new in 1953 in Switzerland. It has a smooth abrasion in the finish along the bottom of the pick guard from years of playing with the ring finger sliding along the edge. The Gibson logo (too dark to be visible in this picture) is the old-style gold paint version used at that time, not an inlay as Gibson used for the higher models. Along with that, a 30+ year-old acoustic dreadnaught Maruha was taken. If by any chance you come across these very distinct instruments, would you please direct message me or report it to the police? BTW: For those of you old enough to remember: These are two instruments that we played during my sister Gabriela Schaaf's musical development before she became a pretty famous member of the Portuguese musical scene in the '80s. Needless to say that we'd like to get them back.